Kimchi Fact: Kimchi is neither vegan nor vegetarian


Oftentimes people ask me if kimchi is vegetarian. What’s more disturbing is that many vegans/vegetarians have been consuming kimchi under the assumption that it’s a vegetarian/vegan food. I felt the need to educate. Traditionally, kimchi is not a vegetarian/vegan- friendly food. Some of kimchi’s base ingredients include fish sauce, salted shrimp, anchovy sauce or some kind of seafood. With that said, if you’re a pescatarian, then you’re in the clear but if your diet consists of a strict no meat, no animal by-product rule, then you probably can’t eat most of the kimchi that’s out there. :(

Fortunately, Arirang Kimchi offers a most tasty vegetarian/vegan-friendly option. No seafood is included but we do put the same exact amount of Tender Loving Care into making it. It’ll be entering stores slowly but if you’d like to make an order online, just email us and ask. I had a couple of my very strict vegan friends be my taste-testers and they approve 100%. We expect many orders coming in very soon. Until next time, stay fresh, stay delicious!

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