How do you eat your kimchi? (And chance to win free Arirang!)


Nowadays, kimchi isn’t solely found in the kitchen of Korean grandmothers. Enthusiasts of the pickled product live all around the world, and they are consuming it in all sorts of creative, untraditional ways. And here at Arirang Kimchi, we love promoting this tasty and versatile product. In fact, one of our favorite things about participating in food markets and cooking demos around the city is meeting Arirang customers and learning about their KCH (Kimchi Consumption Habits). You guys are eating it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as a central component of the meal or as a snack straight out of the jar. Whether it’s shredding scallion kimchi into morning omelettes, dicing up cucumber kimchi for a spicy summer salad, or pureeing napa cabbage kimchi for a gazpacho (true story!), you guys inspire us with your culinary endeavors!

So in the spirit of kimchi innovation, we want to know: How do you eat your kimchi? Send us a photo of your kimchi creation and a brief description of your dish. The brilliant chef behind our favorite dish will win a FREE Arirang six-jar combo pack of napa cabbage, baby radish, garlic chive, broccoli rabe, cucumber, and scallion. So go forth daring kimchi-lovers and show us what you (and your dish) are made of!

Email photos with brief description to or tweet them @arirangkimchee. Photos may be used in future print and online materials. Contest ends July 31st.

Kimchi fried rice with bacon, scallions, and nori flakes.

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