Additional (Manhattan) access to Arirang Kimchi


Arirang Kimchi takes pride in making a delicious food product that people continue to purchase and eat with their meals. This means that it’s a type of friendship or bond, if you will, between kimchi and kimchi consumer. The fact that someone continues to give us this opportunity to be a part of their lives is what makes us proud and grateful. So far, our ‘friends’ have not been disappointed and we plan to keep it that way.

With that said, our Manhattan friends, too, can now enjoy Arirang Kimchi on a regular basis! Fortunately, Union Market‘s new location on Houston Street and Avenue A opens up this month! Make sure to stop by and check out the plethora of cheese, fresh breads, produce, fish, meat and gourmet goodies they have to offer. Then, of course, buy a jar of Arirang Kimchi to eat alongside those gourmet goodies!

Additionally, Bushwick-ites! You should know that Bushwick Food Coop now carries our product as well. Make sure to become a member to take advantage of the discounted prices!

Finally, if anyone would like for Arirang Kimchi to be in their local neighborhood market, please either place a request with the store, or contact us at and let us know where. We will work hard to get our tangy and yummy kimchi into that store.

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